In the past three years…

I’ve been enrolled in three different schools. Truth.

I made it one semester at a Pitt branch campus(2011) two hours from my home. That December I moved back home and enrolled in a community college, worked my ever so exciting retail position, and saved up for a car.

After another three semesters I enrolled at Pitt Main Campus(2013). On the first day of classes I was a wreck and couldn’t beef up enough courage to go.

So here I am. Back at community. Getting an associates degree. Accepted to another university for the spring of 2014.

For people who are not sure of where to go, what to do, who to be: BEYOU. Don’t get mixed up a college lifestyle that doesn’t suit who YOU are. Make decisions. Live with these decisons. I wholeheartedly support every choice I have made thus far. I’ve been embarrassed, ashamed, but most of all HAPPY.

Keep it up kids. You’ve made it this far(no one has to know how) so keep trudging.


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