Ready? Okay.

I’m going to do this now so that I don’t do it later. Just this once.

And yes, this is about Miley Cyrus.

Seriously? Seriously. (Shut up Miley you’re getting more attention this way. You’re welcome, but not really)

Before anyone decides that I am just some jealous, bored, celebrity obsessed teenager. You’re only one-third correct. I am bored.

Here are some facts: We are the same age. I went to her concert and have also seen her movies, liking them all. Girl had some talent. Girl has some really unfortunate, really horrendous ways of honing this talent.

I watched that performance, yes the one with the red-nailed foam finger (did it have to have nails? really?). Then I heard the excuse. Strategic Hot Mess.

Wait one dumb-bear-dressed-idiot minute.

Never EVER should “Hot Mess” be justified as being “Strategic”. Why? Because Miley, you grew up a freaking Disney princess making millions and having the support of a nation.

Your documentary gave me an even lower amount of respect for you. One: you think you’re good enough to do whatever the hell you want. Two: you used Britney Spears as a mentor. As if.

You wanted to be viewed as mature and sexy? Have you heard of Sara Bareilles? Beyonce?

You wanted more attention? Write a song that will change someones life, not one that encourages drug use.

Your album had a good release? Congratulations. Now you can buy some extensions and get some therapy. Oh wait, you’ll probably just use it on another outrageous video. Way to go, you’ve scarred and influenced every Hannah Montana fan to swing naked and take molly. Fanfreakingtastic.

Think about this: One day the publicity will be gone. The name will disappear. Sooner than you think. What will be left to remember? That ridiculous, disgusting, disrespectful, inappropriate, careless, immature display that happened that one time. Good Job. I not only applaud the stupidity(and Liam for getting the hell away) but I offer a punch in the face if and hopefully when the right opportunity strikes.

Do us all a favor. Apologize. Grow up. Do something that will mean more than background music.

Now to rest before a long day of work and school so that I can be the best possible individual I can be, because I do not take opportunities or money or people or my responsibility as a human being for granted.



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