One of Those Days

What I’m telling you: Stay motivated, make lists, be positive, do things for yourself.

My day started last night when I made of list of things to get done. Mondays are usually a great day to relax and get homework started. I decided to take even more advantage of my free day.

I woke up earlier, around 9am, had my chai, and got to work. I allowed myself to get ready in a relaxing, timely manner.

Next I went to the library for a few hours and ended up finishing assignments for one of my classes. Check.

It has been a beautiful fall day, sunny and mid-60s, so I took my dog for a walk and strolled listening to my Ipod.

After that, I decided it was me-time and went shopping. When I got back home i started my laundry and cleaned out my car and my room. Success.

My message to you: Take your time and keep stress at a low. Make lists and get them done. Reward yourself with whatever makes you happy whether it be reading, shopping, cleaning, or exercising.


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