I almost forgot

how much I love my job.

Yeah it’s only part time. And it’s retail. In all honesty, when I first started I absolutely hated it. I was a senior in high school and had a lot going on. College applications, choir events, dance committee. School was exhausting and working a 6-hour shift after was not something to I looked forward to.

When my best friend decided that winter that she no longer liked me (gotta love high school girls) it more or less broke my heart. We did everything together up until that point. I had been replaced, and nothing was ever the same.

Work became my place of solace, a second home. I earned the respect and friendship of my coworkers. I also built upon my level of patience and charisma. The real world is full of interesting people. Good and bad.

My point is that today while at work, I had a moment where I realized how sad I will be when I have to say goodbye to that place and those people. The place where I walk in and I’m instantly confident and willing to work overtime. The friends I’ve made to whom I vent and joke.

I hit the three year mark this past August, and look forward to the future.

To the young adults who may see this, a part time job doesn’t have to be terrible, and life does not have to be hard all of the time. Keep your head up and put in extra effort in every single thing that you do. I encourage you to find solace in a hobby, volunteer work, or maybe even a job in retail.

I was scheduled until 4pm today, didn’t punch out until 4:45pm, and couldn’t be happier.




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