Drugstore Hair

Working at a drugstore, you’re introduced to many products, for me it’s beauty. I have long hair, and I try very hard to maintain it, but on a budget.

My problems: greasiness, thickness, breakage

1. Greasiness. After a day or two my hair gets greasy, so I started using dry shampoo.

0007940012211_180X180Suave isn’t a brand that I normally use, but this stuff is great. And only $3 i at most drugstores!

How I use it: Before work or school in the morning I would spray some on and then brush it through. I have learned recently that it is more effective and works better if you spray it on before bed and let it soak up the oil overnight.

2. My hair grows in quickly, making it thicker. To keep it manageable between cuts, I have to make sure that there isn’t constant buildup. Again, suave gets my vote

suave-daily-clarifying-shampooTheir clarifying shampoo is only $1 and I use it once a week.

3. For breakage, there a lot of tips in reducing it. Your hair is more prone to damage when it is wet and more fragile. Do not put your hair up in a pony tail, or run a brush through it when it is wet. Hair should be 80% dry before you brush it. To detangle, gently use a comb.

Everyone knows that heat styling causes breakage. I have been trying to stay away from my hair dryer and straightener. After towel drying I use a comb and let my hair air dry. This is a good time to put in anti-frizz or protective products. Once my hair is dry enough, I style using my round brush and blow dryer.


Shampoo and Conditioner I swear by: aun-1251b_1z. Clear is incredible. You instantly feel results. the shampoo is light, and you can feel your hair becoming smoother while in the shower! Make sure to massage your scalp! The conditioner is also light and won’t leave you feeling oily. TRY IT. $5.99. My hair has never felt so healthy!

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