easy on the eyes

Mascara is a game changer. Ask any girl. If you want your eyes to pop, use it.

Here are the ones I’ve loved, liked, and disliked.

1. Liked

Covergirl LastBlast Fusion

cg_lashblast_fusion_mascara_1Thick brush provides easy application for a full lash look.

2. Disliked

Covergirl 24hr LastBlast

UnknownNot so good. It stayed on all day, but was impossible to take off.(Not even water proof)

3. Liked

Neutrogena Healthy Volume

300Really nice brush. Doesn’t clump.


Almay Intense I-Color

P_Eyes_Mascara_IICVolumizingMedium.ashxStill using this mascara. It’s hypoallergenic and the colors are chosen to best suit your eye color. Why I love it compared to other ones: It does not clump, provides extreme thickness and volume, and comes off easily with make-up remover pads or facial cleansing towelettes.


Now enjoy this hilarious video.


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