Today my family got together for Thanksgiving dinner. We grandchildren are all adults, and have busy schedules and jobs of our own to work around.

I hardly see my four cousins on my mother’s side. This year was rare, because we were able to see each other in August  for my sister’s wedding.

I just want to say that after tonight I am so thankful for what 2013 has given to me: a first relationship, a promotion, a brother-in-law…and it’s almost over. The wedding came and went so quickly.

Though the relationship was only a brief few months, it brought about realizations about myself. I deserve to be treated like precious treasure.

Seeing my family tonight gave me another wave of appreciation. We are all healthy, responsible, respectable human beings.

What’s next? A new kind of Christmas.

Now that she is married, my sister will spend her first Christmas in a new place, a home of her own. Last year was the final time for my brother, sister, and I to wait at the top of the steps–we’re all over 20–until our parents called us down. New traditions will begin to form.

This blog is still new to me. Words don’t come out as smoothly.

I just want to say I am thankful for the 27 followers who chose to keep checking in.

Happy Holidays!



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