So Sad.

I won’t even lie. I googled and found this article, because there is a sadness that succumbs me.

It sounds stupid, and I feel stupid at times, but for some reason I get so sad when someone dies-rather a celebrity dies(Michael Jackson, Cory Monteith.)

Death is such a hard thing to think about.

I’ve found myself upset over the passing of Paul Walker though only having seen 2 Fast and Furious movies.

My ex was obsessed with the franchise, therefore my two movie experience. When I read the news, saw the photos, and found out more information, I was so deeply touched. For someone so genuine and good to go so quickly and tragically is heartbreaking to me. It hurts more knowing about the impact left on the family, friends, and fans.

This was a truly good person who didn’t care about being famous, but used it in order to create a wonderful charity.

And here I am, writing a blog post about it. May appear selfish, but I promise it is only meant to be a condolence.



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