College Student Seeking Answers…For Everything

Another semester, gone. Done. Then comes another one.

Just like high school, I realize that the breaks for Christmas and Summer are not final, and that there is another round of first days ahead. New teachers, new lessons, new classmates.

What about after graduation, though? I’m familiar with the world of retail. That’s about it.

I’ve been thinking lately, which can be good or bad. Depends. There is going to be a final day of classes. Finals that will determine a degree, which will then guide me to a career.

Realization: I’m in my third year of college. About to get an Associate’s. In a few years it will be a Bachelor’s. After that? Life?

When graduation time comes, it will be the end. Sure, I can choose to go for a Master’s(not very likely), but that is my choice.

Choices and I have a bad track record.

Freshman Fall: Went away to school. Two hours away. Missed my job. Moved home.

Freshman Spring-Sophomore Spring: Community College. Worked a lot. Applied to a University. Accepted.

Junior Fall(no pun intended)-Don’t go to classes at my new school. Back at community. Getting an Associate’s.

No, not too bad. You got the short and sweet version. Oh, and major-wise?

Pre-Med Biology turned into Pre-Health Professions turned into Health Information Management which turned into Corporate Communications.

The previous University that I left for Community is not the same University I will be attending in the Spring either. Haha. Sigh.

A whole new plan. That will hopefully give me even more insight into what I want to do.

What do I want to do? Woah. Let’s not even go there. That’s like, a million decisions ahead.

Have you found the answers yet?




2 thoughts on “College Student Seeking Answers…For Everything

  1. I think that everyone struggles with direction in their life to some degree. I know I do. I started out going to college for engineering. I’m great at math and science, but as one of my professors told me after a presentation I did “Robin, you’re too creative to be seen as professional in this industry.” I took a few years off and then went back to community college majoring in Special Education. I ended up with 2 Associates degrees (special ed related). Then I went to a University for a year or so and they dropped my program. I realized at the time I wasn’t feeling fulfilled even though I was working in Special Ed classrooms. I’ve found acting and I love it. I hope I can make a career of it, but I’m not limiting myself. Sometimes I feel horrible that I don’t have a Bachelor’s degree like a lot of my friends. Then I think, well, what would I do with it anyway? I’ve been through 5 years of college already.

    • As wonderful as a college experience can be, it can be even more of a confusing one for others. Go after acting! I love singing, and writing as well. Thank you for sharing your story with me, it really helps to know what other people are going through. Feel free to leave more comments on your journey! Happy Holidays and Good Luck! 🙂

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