To the Future Holder of My Heart,


A few things about romance annoy me. PDA. Emotion. Commitment. Not only do they annoy me, they frustrate me. Even worse-they scare me.

In my group of friends I was the last to experience everything. The last to express my feelings about a high school crush. The last to go on a first date, and the last to actually be in a relationship. The last to be kissed for the first time.

Yes, I am ill experienced, and after one short failure of a “relationship” I have reentered the world of singletons. My previous endeavor allowed me to see myself from a different perspective. It helped me to realize how wrong the person was for me.

It’s hard to say what I want out of a relationship. Sometimes I hope for a special, romantic gesture. Most of the time I just want companionship, a shoulder to lean on, protection.

I have seen the movies and television shows, heard the songs, read the books, and been exposed to personal testimonies.

To say that love does not matter to me would be a lie. To say that I do not understand it is the honest truth.

(I reserve the right to know what I want…)

I want to be kissed. Hello and goodbye.

I want to be held. Every morning, before the day starts. Every night too.

I want to be pushed. To the limit. To my breaking point. I will not budge unless I am forced.

I want to be understood. I am quiet and will probably remain primarily introverted.

I want to be spoiled. Not necessarily with money and material, but emotionally.

                                    (and to be picky…)

I want confidence. Someone who won’t leave it all up to me, and can take control.

I want protected. Stood up for, and defended.

I want loyalty. I can be yours and you can be mine.

I want honesty. Trusting and trustworthy.

This will continue to grow and evolve with my changing heart and mind. It is important to recognize these so that in the future, I can be happy.

Is it selfish to have specific wants? What is the most important?


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