“10 Struggles Of Being Not Fat, But Not Skinny Either” Deconstructed

10 Struggles Of Being Not Fat, But Not Skinny Either | Thought Catalog.

In the past few hours, I have seen this link pop up on my Facebook News Feed numerous times. Someone actually claims that this is “the most accurate thing ever.” Are they kidding? I hope so.

Of course, the curious voice in my head said “Don’t read it, because it doesn’t represent you” mainly because of the comments I receive about my own figure, which have become a curse in the past few years.

Then another voice–the one that takes into account the ways in which I visualize myself– said “go ahead, you might actually relate to this.” This voice knows that I feel healthy and comfortable and would define my size as average.

I am constantly called skinny; sometimes told that I am too skinny. Guess what? I don’t care. Oh, and I also shop and dress for myself. MYSELF. What I think is cute and comfortable is more important than what stores are trying to sell me. Clearance racks, here I come.

Now, before I give my initial reaction to this blog post, I am only sharing my reaction. Obviously, a lot of girls think this is a truth that must be shared. I disagree. Coming from the most honest, genuine, and respectful part of my brain, I am only trying to give a different perspective. I also think it is important to mention that I am a follower of this blogger and really enjoy their posts. I hope this can be seen as just another perspective and can allow for further insight.

If in the end information surfaces that this was all in jest, then I apologize for wasting my own time. At least it got me thinking.


Let’s dig in shall we? (See what I did there?)

Interestingly enough, I read this after finishing a chapter in my Gender Differences in Communication book Gendered Lives, which pinpoints the stereotypes associated with femininity and weight.

This is a list of apparent struggles of being an average sized girl, which I thought was something most people admire and strive for. Consider the girls who are unhappy being overweight and underweight and always get the looks and the comments. Think about their struggles and compare them to this list. 

“Analyzing the ‘you look so thin!’ comment on a picture” Stop analyzing. Just stop it. The comment means you look great. No one is going to publicly comment on a picture to confuse you into oblivion.

“Eating with people you’re not close with” I’m going throw all stereotypical body types out of the window here. Some people actually have this kind of eating phobia, and struggle daily. Don’t use this as an excuse for why you can’t simply realize you are beautiful and that you have to eat to survive. Eat what you want, when you want, where you want, with whoever you want.

“Choosing an outfit to wear on a weekend night” Fashion is not my forte. I wear jeans everyday. Haven’t worn a pair of heels in months. Matching is about the best that I can do. Also, the reason for looking good in an outfit should not be whether a guy will sleep with you are not. I mean really.

“Buying jeans” Oh god I love jeans. I look good an feel good in jeans. Everyone should just wear jeans. If a salesperson is asking what your size is, they are not asking your weight. They are trying to help you. Basic rules of retail.

“Wondering what guys refer to you as” Do you actually want to know the answer to this? Depends on the guy I guess. If your boyfriend loves you, truly loves you, he would say that no one compares to you. Ratings are for high school guys in the locker room, men appreciate what they have and learn to love, in the words of John Legend, our perfect imperfections.

“Taking your cover up off at the beach” Not even sure what this means. My advice: if you are unable to go to the beach and relax in your suit without any anxieties, you should not be going to the beach.

“Deciding whether or not to eat free food at work” This one pisses me off. Not the eating at work part, even though that is ridiculous as well. I thought this was about not being skinny or fat? Yet the writer uses “fat ass” and “you wonder why you can’t lose weight” This, in my opinion, is an insult to any girl who reads this post, and to any girl who actually does think those words and has a serious disorder.

“Losing and gaining weight” Alright. Three pounds does not make a difference. Go eat a bagel and stop whining.

“Trying to figure out what guy(s) are actually interested in you at the bar” Yes, because we are all going to meet our future Mr’s at the bar. How romantics. The writer’s truest statement, “You are way to hard on yourself and can’t accept anything for what it is.” It is life. Take any thoughts about guys liking you and push them aside. Focus on your confidence. Guys want a confident woman comfortable in her own skin.

“Explaining to people that you’re staying in because you…just wanna lose 3 pounds” You lost me at wanna.

After reading, I couldn’t decide if the writer was actually being serious, but was trying playing it off as a joke. Don’t forget that these are real feelings that people feel all of the time. To write them out in detail with added sarcasm, depressing most of the girls reading them, and then to throwing out the “YOU’RE AVERAGE” at the very end is. just. cruel.

“Get over it”

Is that how you motivate yourself? I am all for tough love, but more importantly respect. For yourself. For everyone around you.

Did I get too much into analyzing this blog post?

Was over-analyzing necessary? Most people would answer no, but in reality they are doing the exact same thing with every decision they are making.

Love Yourself.


One thought on ““10 Struggles Of Being Not Fat, But Not Skinny Either” Deconstructed

  1. Ugh. I hate being called “average”too. Our culture’s standards of beauy are all messed up. I tend to think it is best not to compare yourself to others at all.

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