Products I Love: Skin Care #2

Spring is here, but that does not mean you can stop moisturizing your skin!

These are my favorite lotions/oils to use on my body to keep my skin glowing and smooth.

Let’s start with the sensitive ones.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.


I started using this during the winter when my face decided it didn’t want to retain water. I use it when my skin feels extra dry on my elbows/knees/feet. For a cream, this is a light, unscented miracle.

Now, the cocoa butter. Ah yes, my favorite kind of body lotion.

If you want a radiant glow without the tan, pick up a bottle of Queen Helene Cocoa Butter.

Cocoa Butter

The bottle is gigantic and lasts forever! Yes, you can use on hands, face, and body. Anywhere, really. This brings out the natural tones in your skin and brings pigment out radiantly. Do it. Just do it.

Now, for those looking for a self tanner who do not want a fake bake Cheetos look. You have seen the commercials and ads,  I promise you Jergens Natural Glow is the real deal.


I was skeptical about trying out this lotion, but after trying a small size (many travel sections have a small tube for only $2.99) I was pleasantly surprised! I ended up using it in the weeks prior to my senior prom, oh nostalgia.

The original Daily Moisturizer is your best bet. Don’t bother with the Foam or 3-Days To Glow. I have also used the one with SPF during the summer so that I have some protection!

If you want to get the color, start using it about a week before whatever event you want to be glowing for! Smells amazing and is a good moisturizer!

Drum roll, please. I have saved the best for last. I mean the absolute best. Coconut Oil is a must, must, must have.

When buying make sure it says: Organic, Extra Virgin, Unrefined, Pure

You can use it as solid or put the jar in warm water to make it a silky oil.

I use it all over, face and body. It is also good for a hair conditioner too!



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