Unnecessary Evils


Are you taken seriously for your choices? Do you respect the lifestyles of those around you?

My birthday is almost a week away. Like holidays each year, it has become just another day.

Celebrate my life? Sure. Tack on another year and give me a new number.

I will be another year older, but it’s not as if it isn’t the same celebration in comparison to past years. Except it is not the same celebration. This year, I am turning 21. Congratulations, I have let you in even further.

This birthday is the most anxiety-ridden, and it hasn’t even happened. Call me crazy (I do).

A few girls talk nearby about their night out at the bar, meeting random guys, getting drunk, gathering phone numbers. My sister hints toward a planned expedition to party and get me wasted. My friends beam at the mention of a chance to go out and have drinks with me.

Then there is me. Quiet, introverted, never had a drink in my life (unless you count tiny sips).

To be honest, I would rather go out to dinner with the people closest to me. Maybe have a drink. Enjoy a relaxing evening.

Do I find myself to be prudish, like the looks on people’s faces–as they react to my nonalcoholic lifestyle–portray me to be? Not at all.

Truth be told, I feel slighted by the people who want to take me out for a wild night. This leads me to believe that they do not know me at all. They are not taking my decision to be primarily sober seriously, and only look forward to my birthday because it is an excuse to get drunk.

I know that I will not get drunk on my birthday this year, because I have self-control. I have made the decision to avoid the unnecessary evil that is alcohol since high school. Similar to my choice to stay away from drugs (including the “safe” ones like hookah).

Do I have a right to be upset and frustrated in this situation? Call me dramatic (my mother does). I think that I do.

Hear this, if you have heard nothing at all so far, I do not judge those who choose to drink, nor do I look down upon them.

However, I think that it is extremely important to be respected for your decisions and accountable for your actions.

Am I afraid to drink? No. I just don’t want to.

I believe that there are others ways to loosen up and have fun without losing any mind functionality. Sorry for wanting to be completely present for each moment of my life.

This is not a plea for anyone to stop drinking. I simply want you to look at my current debacle and maybe relate it to one in your life.

I’ll ask you again.

Are you taken seriously for your choices? Do you respect the lifestyles of those around you?




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