A Must Read-Familiar and Untold Stories



Almost 13 years later, and I am still learning.

102 minutes by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn is an organization of personal, detailed accounts of the tragic September morning that changed America. Most are from those who were inside the buildings, many from those who did not survive the attacks.

It will break your heart, but it will also give you perspective.

The stories are gathered from phone records and personal experiences.

You learn about the people who were at a conference held in the restaurant Windows on the World, on top of the North tower.

You learn about the man who helped build the towers, who would later work within them. This man, who took his wife, on their first date, to the top of the construction site.

Some stories you may recognize. a familiar one is of two French filmmakers, the Naudet brothers, following a firefighter through his first days on the job. You may have seen the documentary played on anniversary specials.

Another familiar story is that of Brian Clark and Stanley Praimnath. Praimnath was in his office when he saw the plane flying toward his window. Clark lifted him over and through debris and the two descended the South tower together.

We have been given the numbers and the names. This book gives us the voices.





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