Mini Brownie Batch: A Girl’s Best Friend

Last night, I had the house to myself while watching the Buccos dominate the Cubs. Spent most of the game making notecards for an exam next week. That was my Friday night.

Now, on this chilly Pittsburgh evening, I am again alone. Well, alone in the sense that the Pirates are on the television and my dog is five feet away.

On a quiet Saturday night like this, I would be relying on a quick Brownie Mug to curb my sweet-tooth. However, tonight, I am extra hungry and stumbled upon this recipe for a small batch of brownies:

While whipping these up I decided to substitute 2 of the tablespoons of sugar for two heaping tablespoons of Nutella (I have an obsession). I also used brown sugar instead of white.


2014-09-13 19.36.19

My pan is 6×6.

I did not use the recipe for the frosting, (although it looks yummy) because I already had some Betty Crocker in the fridge!

Perfect for a girls night in! 🙂 Let’s Go Bucs!

2014-09-13 19.22.22
2014-09-13 19.36.31

Again the original recipe comes from:

If you’re wanting something faster and smaller try out these amazing single-serve brownie mugs!

Or if you’re wanting a chocolate chip cookie:


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