Becoming A Fan : My Summer of Baseball

On October 1st, 2013 I watched the Pirates win the National League wild-card game. I sat with the rest of my family watching as the Pittsburgh crowd chanted Cueto’s name.

We all gathered again to witness the Buc’s first postseason series in 21 years.

So this year, when baseball season came around, I was ready.

Before this year I did not own a Pirates shirt, but that all changed on my birthday. My dad got me a Neil Walker shirt and my brother gave me seven shirts. Needless to say I looked good this summer.

I’ve let baseball fill an emptiness in me.

I bit my nails during the 8th and 9th innings of one run games. I cheered when we hit in the park home runs and when Harrison had not one, but two epic run-downs. I scowled at every loss.


Tourist moments of an amateur photographer, in her own city.

May 23rd vs. Washington Nationals

My best friend from work had an extra pair of tickets to a free shirt Friday. We had already made plans to go to dinner and she asked if I wouldn’t mind going to the game to get her aunt a free shirt. I replied, do you mind if we stay for the whole game?

June 9th vs Chicago Cubs

My brother taught me how to keep score in the program.

View From Seats

View From Seats

June 12th vs Chicago Cubs

It poured down rain three times that night. I stayed in my seat, soaked from head to toe, waiting for the crew to uncover the field.

June 28th vs New York Mets

The hottest game I attended. My hair was up within five minutes.


August 29th vs Cincinnati Reds

A trip with my family proved to be good luck for the Buccos.

Last night, I watched as the Pirates (second year in a row, to-the-day) clinched their second consecutive postseason spot. I watched them spray champagne and pour bud light over coach’s and reporter’s heads.

However, there are still three games left in the regular season. Like the Pirates have said all season, yesterday is in the past, we’re focussed on today. Although wonderful, last night was just another stepping stone toward making history.

Let’s Go Bucs!


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