Will There Be Protests Now? Hashtag or no hashtag: All Lives Matter


All Lives Matter

Two New York police officers lost their lives. Five days before Christmas.

My heart aches for the families, friends, and NYPD.

One was a husband and father. His fellow officer was a newlywed. Their families will never hear their voices again. Tragic. Tragic, just like the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

It has been almost four weeks since the Ferguson grand jury reached their decision.
It has been almost three weeks since the Staten Island grand jury reached their decision.

Brown and Garner would have inevitably been approached by officers. Not because of their race, but because both had committed a crime. Brown robbed a business, and Garner was selling stolen cigarettes. This is not me saying that Brown and Garner deserved to die for their crimes. This is me saying that yes, their lives were taken away too soon, but blaming the police for approaching criminals is not right.

We may never know the exact facts of the Ferguson case. The death of Eric Garner has been broadcast for everyone to see, which, in my opinion, is wrong on so many levels. Neither deserved untimely death.

No one can say with absolute proof that Brown and Garner died because of their race.

Two officers were assassinated because of the uniform they wear. That is racism. That is prejudice. That is discrimination.

I refuse to state whether I agree or disagree with either the Brown or Garner decision. The fact is that they happened. Decisions were made.

What I will say, is this: All Lives Matter.

Hashtag or no hashtag. All Lives Matter.

After the grand jury decisions in New York and Missouri, the hashtag #blacklivesmatter went viral. I understand that the two victims were African American, but I also understand this: racism goes both ways. Pointing the finger at police officers will not result in progress. Instead, it resulted in another tragedy today.

A lot of the protests are about white police officers killing African American citizens. Today, an angry coward killed two innocent men. All three were of different descent.

We need to stop looking at race. Two officers are dead. I do not care about their race. I care that their families are left heartbroken. I care that they were innocent human beings who chose to protect the citizens of New York. They are dead.

Can we blame the protesters for what the shooter has done? Absolutely not.
Can we say that his motives were influenced by the constant protesting over #blacklivesmatter? Without a doubt, yes.

So stop it. AllLivesMatter.

I am hoping that the President will speak about this tragedy, just as he spoke immediately following the grand jury decision in Ferguson. If he does not, he will have made a mistake and missed a crucial opportunity.

I am also hoping that we as a nation can proceed with dignity and not violence. Protest if you feel strongly enough, do not stereotype, do not place blame on one type of individual.

We have voices in a nation of free speech. Use words with confidence and with caution.

All Lives Matter.

God Bless.


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