After the Final Curtain: Matt Lambros Photographs America’s Movie Theaters in Ruins — Discover

Photographer Matt Lambros captures the decaying past in America’s abandoned movie theaters.

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When you get in the car, and that song is playing…

This was the one Michael Jackson song I could remember from childhood. Now I am familiar with just about every album.

Regardless, I woke up late today and had to rush to work.

I got in the car and this was playing. It made me feel better about my rough morning.

Are there songs that seem to play at the most appropriate time that have made the moment better?

Becoming A Fan : My Summer of Baseball

This gallery contains 8 photos.

On October 1st, 2013 I watched the Pirates win the National League wild-card game. I sat with the rest of my family watching as the Pittsburgh crowd chanted Cueto’s name. We all gathered again to witness the Buc’s first postseason … Continue reading

Defeat vs. Inspiration

I am a good person, certainly not the best, but overall a good person.

I am someone who will call off work to go to your cheating boyfriends birthday dinner in support of you and your broken heart, all the while wanting to throw a knife into his chest.

I am someone who will pick up your weekly farm share when you are away.

I am someone who will hide the madness running rampant throughout my brain to hear about your latest adventures.

How is it that I cannot function in this atmosphere?

To earn a sense of belonging, you must wade in the water before you finally sink in.

Being lost at first is the norm. What if I have been lost for four years, and still searching? People are unable to understand me, because I can hardly explain who I am. Something inside still feels empty.

I refuse to sit here and regret my past decisions. Maybe they were not the rights ones, and maybe they were impulsive.

It is so hard.

Why couldn’t I just be like everyone else? Go away to school, make new friends, find my passion, fall in love, and find what my life is meant for.

This is not a pity post. Do not read this with a sympathetic frown. Know that this is writing out of frustration with myself.

I am a good person, but how the hell can they tell? I don’t live on campus. I am here for four classes, three days a week. Work consumes whatever school does not.

I smile and they smile back, seemingly nice, but uninterested.

By finding solace in the silence, I have betrayed the extroverts of society.