Products I Love: Skin Care #1

I have unbelievably sensitive skin. I have used many brands to control my acne and oily face (Clearasil, Clean & Clear, ProActive), all of which were okay for a while but then became extremely harsh on my skin. I’m talking rosacea, blotchy redness and chapped, tight,  dried out skin. Very uncomfortable.

So, naturally, my first post in my list of favorite products is about facial skin care. Sensitive skin and acne don’t stand a chance!

When I began having major problems with my sensitivity, it was tricky finding something to balance out the redness all over my face. Then, I found Eucerin Redness Relief.

image-1.php image-2.php image.php

This line is awesome! After using all three for one week, my skin had balanced out and was replenished with hydration. The cleanser is a light gel-like formula that lathers just enough, and really soothes facial breakouts. The daily moisturizer has an SPF of 15 and a green tint that offsets the red skin tone. The night cream is ultra moisturizing and cools your face. I even gave these products to my friend, who has eczema, and she loved them!


Next, I began using products from St. Ives for a more natural feel. Specifically, the Green Tea and Apricot Blemish Scrubs.

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These were a wonderful choice because of their ability to clear breakouts and really smooth out the texture of my skin. They both smell great too!


After realizing that scrubs weren’t the best choice for an everyday cleanser, I introduced myself to Simple Skin Care, a brand for people with sensitive skin. To say I am obsessed is an understatement.


I have tried and loved multiple products: 1) I use the Smoothing Facial Scrub once or twice a week to clear my pores. 2)The Moisturizing Facial Wash is perfect for those with dry skin who need that extra added hydration. 3) There is also a Foaming Facial Wash that I would recommend to those with oilier skin, because it seemed to dry out my skin. 4) All of the facial wipe are refreshing and perfect for make-up removal(eye and face). 5) I have tried both the Hydrating Light Moisturizer and Protecting Light Moisturizer(SPF 15) and though lighter, each one smooths and moisturizes evenly. There are so many other products by this brand that I would recommend even though I have not tried them!


Next I want to give recognition to a brand that I do not use all of the time, but would if I weren’t so crazy about the former brand in this post 😛  Yes To is a natural, skin-type specific brand. Each product line is designated for a certain skin type. Obviously, I used the Yes To Cucumbers for my sensitive skin. The two products I used and loved were the Facial Wipes and Eye Make-Up Remover Wipes. These are the best wipes, I would even venture to say I prefer these facial wipes over the Simple Brand ones.

ytcU_eye_makeup_remover YTCu_Wipe_Bundle

One last facial product that I cannot live without! Facial masks can be very stripping and harsh on sensitive skin. However, I found one that I use sparingly throughout the year. Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque clears out your clogged pores and softens facial texture. It is an extremely reasonable price for a mask that only takes 15 minutes!


 I am so excited to share my multitude of favorite brands and products! If you have any questions as to pricing or places to buy certain products feel free to send an email or comment below! YAY! Check in for my next Skin Care post where I will focus on the body!



I’m not much of a foundation, concealer, pressed powder user.

During the summer I decided to try a BB cream with SPF for protection and a hint of color.

I chose Maybelline Dream Fresh BB.


This product is really nice because it smooths complexion and is very lightweight. I primarily used it as a sunscreen.

I have experienced rosacea and wanted a way to cover the pink tone and blemishes. Since I use a light moisturizer, I decided it would be beneficial to go with a shine-free mousse instead of a liquid or powder.

I chose to try Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse.



For someone who doesn’t want a fake-cakey looking appearance and has sensitive skin, this product ended up being perfect.

I use a very small amount, less than what fits on the end of a Q-Tip.

It is very smooth to apply and when it sets it keeps your face matte and glowing all day long. It does not make me break out with blemishes nor does it clog my pores.

I highly recommend these products!


Thoughts? What do you use?

easy on the eyes

Mascara is a game changer. Ask any girl. If you want your eyes to pop, use it.

Here are the ones I’ve loved, liked, and disliked.

1. Liked

Covergirl LastBlast Fusion

cg_lashblast_fusion_mascara_1Thick brush provides easy application for a full lash look.

2. Disliked

Covergirl 24hr LastBlast

UnknownNot so good. It stayed on all day, but was impossible to take off.(Not even water proof)

3. Liked

Neutrogena Healthy Volume

300Really nice brush. Doesn’t clump.


Almay Intense I-Color

P_Eyes_Mascara_IICVolumizingMedium.ashxStill using this mascara. It’s hypoallergenic and the colors are chosen to best suit your eye color. Why I love it compared to other ones: It does not clump, provides extreme thickness and volume, and comes off easily with make-up remover pads or facial cleansing towelettes.


Now enjoy this hilarious video.

’tis the season for chapped lips

On my side of town, it is getting colder and lips are getting drier.

As soon as the temperature dropped below 40 my lips were instantly chapped.

Consider these products:

Vaseline Lip Therapy Image

1. It’s adorable.

2. It’s under $2

3. It also comes in Cocoa Butter formula

I put this on every night before bed.

Not interested in the tiny tubs? Just grab whatever vaseline petroleum jelly you have lying around the house and use that. It’s essentially the same thing!


Maybelline Baby Lips

Image(I have the turquoise and purple ones)

The original colors are sheer, with wonderful flavors. I have 2 and LOVE them.

Maybelline has also released the Electro line for a bolder pop of color Image

More related to this post is the newest line of Dr. Rescue Medicated balms


These lip balms run from $4-$6 depending on the store and line you choose from.

Happy Fall & Soon to be Winter! & Go Steelers!

Simple as this.

I have sensitive skin, so finding the right product took a while. With acne flaring in high school and still popping up every so often, it’s been rough keeping everything in sync.

Simple Skin Care.

If you are looking for something without harsh ingredients that will soothe and smooth your skin, this is it. I started using these products last year, and instantly fell in love. Image

I’ve used their scrub, towelettes, and lotion.

The scrub is exfoliating yet gentle. I use it in the shower, and on days that I don’t wash my face I use one of their Oil-Balancing Towelettes, because my face can get oily. They have 4 different kinds of facial wipes that can be used for cleansing as well as make-up removal. I use the light moisturizer for a clean, soft finish. They do have a rich moisturizer, and one with SPF as well.

My brother used my facial cleanser in the shower and ended up buying his own. He doesn’t normally use anything, but he said that because of the simplicity and non-flowery scent he liked it.

Try one of their many products, I’m sure you’ll love it! Let me know what you think!