today was a good one

I’ve recently been “promoted” at work which is basically just a title and a small pay raise. I’ll take it.

Today I had to leave a shift early to drive out to our corporate offices for a training session.

With the way I am, nerves came easily. I’m usually anxious about doing anything new and out of my comfort zone.

In the end it became a good experience and even made me feel great about what I do at work, even if most people see my job as a one fit for a high-schooler.

The reason the trip was so nice was because of the woman that went with me. She is older, but you wouldn’t guess her age correctly even if you tried. There is a youthful spirit about her.

We talked the entire way there and back and had a wonderful time. One of the greatest things about this woman that I’ve known all of three weeks is that she rains positivity, and preaches it often too.

I hope to God that I can remain confident in myself as I am today and pass on positivity throughout my life. It all counts.

I’d like to extend a hand out to anyone who is feeling vulnerable, alone, or self-conscious. Even to those who are just down-right happy about their lives, tell me why life is so great!

Share your stories with me. If you would like to request that I post them anonymously and give my thoughts on whatever you may need, just say the words.

Love yourself. Trust others. Live till the end.