’tis the season for chapped lips

On my side of town, it is getting colder and lips are getting drier.

As soon as the temperature dropped below 40 my lips were instantly chapped.

Consider these products:

Vaseline Lip Therapy Image

1. It’s adorable.

2. It’s under $2

3. It also comes in Cocoa Butter formula

I put this on every night before bed.

Not interested in the tiny tubs? Just grab whatever vaseline petroleum jelly you have lying around the house and use that. It’s essentially the same thing!


Maybelline Baby Lips

Image(I have the turquoise and purple ones)

The original colors are sheer, with wonderful flavors. I have 2 and LOVE them.

Maybelline has also released the Electro line for a bolder pop of color Image

More related to this post is the newest line of Dr. Rescue Medicated balms


These lip balms run from $4-$6 depending on the store and line you choose from.

Happy Fall & Soon to be Winter! & Go Steelers!


One of Those Days

What I’m telling you: Stay motivated, make lists, be positive, do things for yourself.

My day started last night when I made of list of things to get done. Mondays are usually a great day to relax and get homework started. I decided to take even more advantage of my free day.

I woke up earlier, around 9am, had my chai, and got to work. I allowed myself to get ready in a relaxing, timely manner.

Next I went to the library for a few hours and ended up finishing assignments for one of my classes. Check.

It has been a beautiful fall day, sunny and mid-60s, so I took my dog for a walk and strolled listening to my Ipod.

After that, I decided it was me-time and went shopping. When I got back home i started my laundry and cleaned out my car and my room. Success.

My message to you: Take your time and keep stress at a low. Make lists and get them done. Reward yourself with whatever makes you happy whether it be reading, shopping, cleaning, or exercising.