I can’t help but scan the radio stations for this song while driving. No shame.


The way you mov…

The way you move is like a full on rainstorm
And I’m a house of cards
You’re the kind of reckless
That should send me runnin’
But I kinda know that I won’t get far
And you stood there in front of me
Just close enough to touch
Close enough to hope you couldn’t see
What I was thinking of

The “Taylor Swift” part of my life…


So. Yeah. I just have to write about this because it’s too funny.

I absolutely love Yahoo Shine articles.

I came across this  a few moments ago, read through it, and decided it was perfect. Why?

Backstory: This past year I had a very interesting relationship (my first, Feb-July). By interesting I mean when I look back on it I literally bang my head against a wall. 1. He loved Taylor Swift. (1st sign) 2. He loved Shania Twain (2nd sign). 3. He loved Duck Dynasty (3rd and probably worst sign).

As i’m reading this article I completely agree with all of it. Why?

How I can relate: 1. I didn’t like myself by the end of the relationship. I wasn’t treated horribly, but it could’ve been better. Girls, make sure your guy spoils you. 2. I never looked into the future. 3. I always thought about other guys. 4. I was annoyed when I knew I had to see him (this came about in the last month or so). 5. He was pretty trustworthy (but for arguments sake he wasn’t). 6. He never, ever, ever fought fair. He was conceded and immature.

The night after I broke up with him, I went to the Taylor Swift concert. My punishment? At work they began playing Shania songs and we have an entire section of Duck Dynasty crap. The concert was totally worth this karma.